Building Assets in our Youth

The Tehama County Mentoring Program uses the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets as a guide for its work in youth development. The Assets are a fundamental part of our mentor training and are a good guide for mentors and staff alike to periodically check in on as we develop relationships with the mentees.

We will  feature an Asset in this blog from time to time to spur discussion and contemplation on how we can more fully develop the assets of our young people.

Today’s Asset is #25: Reading for Pleasure| “Child enjoys and engages in reading for fun most days of the week”

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for students to expose themselves to new authors and genres. Mentors can encourage this by reading a book with their mentees and scheduling times to discuss it. They can also facilitate a mentee getting a library card and utilizing local library services. Mentees of all ages enjoy outings to bookstores. Young students enjoy storytimes done in the children’s department. Older mentees may enjoy just hanging out and discussing books at the bookstore cafe. Regardless, a visit to a bookstore sends a message that reading is important. It also provides an important opportunity for young people to leisurely explore the wide varieties of titles just waiting to be read.

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