College Logo T-Shirt Project

The Tehama County Mentoring Program is a proud member of the Expect More Tehama Campaign,  a local movement to promote Higher Education through Higher Expectations. As such, we are the home office for a fun and creative project to promote higher education in 8th grade classrooms: The College Logo T-shirt Project!

This fall, each and every 8th grade student in Tehama County will receive a new college logo t-shirt. With classrooms of students all sporting shirts from across the country, a very powerful visual message will be sent: the possibilties for higher education are vast!

But we need the help of our community. Our goal of 650 t-shirts is a tall order.  But we are an industrious and generous community. Please consider donating a t-shirt or two from your favorite college or university. We accept new t-shirts from all schools across the country, both two year and four year. The greatest need is size medium, but all sizes are accepted.

Shirts may be mailed or dropped off at the Tehama County Mentoring Program, located within the Tehama County Department of Education, at 1135 Lincoln St in Red Bluff. All contributions are appreciated!

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