It’s back to school time!

Although the temperatures still blaze, summer officially ends this week as Tehama County students head back to class. We wish all students the best of luck (and hard work!) as they settle into a new year of learning. Our special wishes go out to those transitioning to new schools, whether they are Kindergartners, new middle school or high school students or students who have had to change schools due to a family move.

One of the best ways to support students is to become a mentor. Please consider the following from Mentor, a national clearinghouse for youth mentoring, on the Academic Achievement through Mentoring Initiative:

“Mentoring is a youth development strategy that naturally supports the goal of reducing the dropout rate. Research has shown mentoring to have significant positive effects of two early indicators of high school dropouts—high levels of absenteesim1 and recurring behavior problems2. Youth in mentoring relationships present better attitudes and behaviors at school and are more likely to attend college than their counterparts. Dropping out of school is a culmination of a long process of disengagement. Children between the ages of 12 through 17 are within the developmental stage most able to best absorb and benefit from the skills of a mentor.”


1 Kennelly, L., & Monrad, M. (2007). “Approaches to dropout prevention: Heeding early warning signs with appropriate interventions.” Washington, D.C.: National High School Center, American Institutes for Research.

2 Thurlow, M. L., Sinclair, M. F., & Johnson, D. R. (2002). “Students with disabilities who drop out of school—Implications for policy and practice.” Issue Brief, 1(2). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration, National Center on Secondary Education and Transition.

The Tehama County Mentoring Program offers opportunities to mentor on a school campus through Lunch Buddies, Mentor Tutors and Cross Age Mentoring. Consider making an impact through one of these important opportunities!

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