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Back to School for Lunch Buddies!

August 17, 2009

_DAN0164 mitchThe backpacks are stuffed with new school supplies, haircuts have been had and fussed-over outfits hang in closets for a dynamic first impression. Yep, it’s the first week of school in Tehama County!

 That means it’s time for Lunch Buddies to start back up with their mentees after a summer off…..and for new mentors to join the successful program. Lunch Buddy mentors meet once a week during the school year on campus with their mentee. They utilize the school lunch break as an opportunity to share conversation. Both mentor and mentee provide their own lunch.

 The program was designed for busy professionals who wanted an opportunity to mentor during a fixed time period. It’s also appealed to parents who wish to mentor other children, but can’t commit to extra time outside the school day due to their own family obligations.

 Mentors may choose a school location based on proximity to their home or work. Students at each school in the county are waiting for the caring ear of a mentor. One lunch hour a week can make a huge difference in the life of a child.